Things I've learned....

since slacking off from my blog for over a month (in no particular order):
  • I want to marry all of my favorite blogs and have their babies. Several of them are edging their way into my heart next to magazines at a rapid rate. This civil union will be performed in Massachusetts by Reverend Google Reader.
  • The best magazine to judge the (pointlessly fabricated) battle of NY vs. London, is the one that's dedicated to New York itself. Respectively.
  • Jane has not only ended my subscription without the courtesy of one of those "last chance, re-subscribe for one penny a month and get a free tote bag" notices, they're also showing their affection by competing for the title of Titty Mag of the Month (nsfw). Good luck to them!
  • W is totally open to putting fabulous people over size 1 on the cover....provided that the person only gets a 3 page spread....and all of the photos are from the chest up....baby steps, people.
  • The Gossip's Beth Ditto shows W how it's done (nsfw...maybe).
  • If you were slighted by Chloe Sevigny in high school (perhaps she stole your boyfriend or your Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper), then there's a good chance that Bust will give you an opportunity write a feature article on her. And the best part is that it won't be awkward at all.
  • Everyone needs a classy magazine rack.
  • Iway inkthay Iway eednay away ewnay oggingblay ervicesay (Blogger can't read Pig Latin, shhhhhhh).

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Emily said...

I'm beginning to think I need a new blogging service, too. But maybe it's just that my blogging mojo has left.