Question: What is the difference between these three girls?

Sub question: Why are all the unique models on the inside cover?

[Style.com Forum] Anyone else dissapointed with the May issue of Vogue?


Onika said...


Girl I saw the cover at the airport on saturday and thought exACTly the same thing. Cloned alien supermodels scare the crap out of me - even the black one is funny-looking...

true supermodel said...

I said the same exact thing. I mean I really really really can't tell those three apart. I was angry that they put Channnel and Agyness on the inside. I also thought that Irina Larzou(SP) should of been shared on the cover too. Like you said, they put all of the intresting models on the inside.

Why are so manny people hating on Channel Iman?

Did you read the article about the models. Why did a number of people say that all of these models are different looking. Maybe they need glasses.