The Look Book Book

I'm totally late on mentioning this but "The New York Look Book: A Gallery of Street Fashion" finally hit the stores a couple of months ago. As I mentioned before this is one my favorite parts of NY Magazine so I'm giddy that they put a fabulous book together to commemorate the magic. Here's some of their coverage from the launch party:

New York Magazine Look Book Archive


A city of Magazines by The Swedish Museum of Architecture

I need to order about 200 of these :(

(via Creative Review)


Best Flickr Find EVER!

The other night I was surfing for old Hollywood pics on Flickr and my mind was blown. User vieilles_annonces has assembled an impressive collection entitled Black History Seen Through Magazines. It's one of the most extensive galleries of vintage black mag scans that I've come across online. I can't even deal!

[Flickr] vieilles_annonces - Black History Seen Through Magazines



As a lady, once you leave adolescence the magazine world begins to neglect you when it comes to supplying appropriate man eye candy. So before I shine V Man's balls any further (and I will because their new issue is intense) I have to give some spotlight to a new mag that carries on the Tiger Beat torch.

JAM is the kind of operation that my friends and I always talked about putting together but never did out of sheer laziness. Just nice hot guys that you'd see on the street or at a concert. Using a Q&A format and ogle worthy photo spreads, they feature gentlemen of the indie/hipster persuasion without moving into that skeezy territory that Sweet Action liked to dabble in (side note: I mean no disrespect to Sweet Action, I appreciate what they're doing but some of those dudes look like straight up goat molesters, for real). Imagine if JTT grew up, ditched the bowl haircut, got all artsy and developed the appropriate amount of smolder. That's the JAM man...but maybe a little cuter actually. That was so wrong. Sorry, adult JTT.

Anyway, as a bonus they've got a some center fold action, a comic strip and their fabulous "Girly Crush" spotlight (this issue taps DJ extraordinaire Justine D). In a market drenched with women's mags who'd rather profile Jessica Simpson on a mechanical bull than an actual hot guy, JAM is a total breath of fresh air. To order a copy and check out some bonus dudes visit their site: www.myfuckingjam.com

[JAM] Official Myspace page


Vogue Re-imagined: Two Ways

Resist the Vogre!

1. Andree Volkmann (via F&ART)

2. "How I’d Sink American Vogue" by Partick @ Creative Review


That white background and disposable camera snapshot shadow only means one thing kids...

It's Terry time! With Barack Obama (yes, please)!

Barack on Vibe, changing the world in ladies pants everywhere. Courtesy of the Crunk & Disorderly

Two things:
1. I have a love/hate relationship with Terry Richardson. On one hand it's so refreshing to see his raw look among a sea of Annie Lebowitz portraits but on the other hand, i really don't need to see photos of random chicks blowing him. But, y'know, that's just me. That's my journey.

2. The combo of Vibe, Terry and Barack is a like a little care package to remind other candidates of how cool they aren't. John Edwards is doing his best Bubba impression on the latest issue of Esquire and while I like him overall, it's really not quite as effective. Maybe he should recruit Terry for a GQ cover involving Jessica Alba, American Apparel rompers and a pot of jam. For good measure.

[Vibe] Official Site
[Esquire] Official Site
[Terry Richardson] Official Site (I'm gonna go ahead and guess that half of the site is nsfw)


Ok, so maybe I mislead you...

Out of all the mags doing viral video/web 2.0 stuff (at least out of the ones that I read) NY Mag is probably my fav. The Look Book is pretty much one of the main reasons that I ended up subscribing (that and I like to seethe over obnoxious real estate developments here in NYC) and even though it's gone down hill a bit in print the Video Look Book more than makes up for it:

and I've recently discovered that their fashion director Harriet Mays Powell is kind of awesome:

Their entire video section is definitely worth a run through. They've got a little something for just about every subject covered related in the mag...


It's been on a million other blogs...

so why not go for 100,000,0001. I present to you The Simpsons + Linda Evangelista + Harper's Bazaar:

Love it.

via faith on oh no they didn't


Magazines come to life, yay!

Since mags like New York, Paper and Good are beginning to create a seamless experience between their pages and the online world, I'm going to start featuring the best and worst of magazine viral videos (you tube or otherwise). Nylon has especially been excelling at the print/web hybrid concept, so they get first dibs. Their MySpace issues are becoming the highlights of their yearly turnout and Nylon TV gets cooler with each upload. Here are some of my recent favorites:

In related news, the Mag Hag You Tube page is kind of bootleg lookin' right now but please do stay tuned. Check out the favorites and mag related subscriptions, add it as a friend, write snarky comments. Go nuts. The same goes for our MySpace page too!


No, I'm not over it.

More on the shanking of Jane from the writers of the aforementioned “How Sassy Changed My Life: A Love Letter to the Greatest Teen Magazine of All Time” in the NY Times today. Which I totally don't only read for the Style and Arts sections:

[New York Times] A Women’s Magazine That Tried to Be Otherwise

And from a Gawker, the touching story of employees flipping their shit before the 6pm deadline to bounce from the Fairchild building:

[Gakwer] The Last Frantic Moments Of 'Jane'


That's what happens when you make a deal with the devil, homie...

Jane says:

It doesn't feel like the magazine I launched is shutting down...For quite a while, and increasingly so, I've looked at the magazine as something very separate from me and from what I started out to do. There were still glimmers of things I started out to do. And I'm not saying what I was doing was necessarily better, but it definitely changed quite a bit. I'm sad for the people there, for sure.

For more:
[Radar Online] Jane on the Death of Jane


"What, no more boobies?" A tribute to Jane

The beginning and the end. Courtesy of the Drew Barrymore Collective and Searching Bones

So it turns out that Jane didn't cancel my subscription after all. I knew they wouldn't let me down. Phew! Buuuut then there's the bad news. According to Radar, Gawker and just about every other blog on the planet, it seems as though the whole magazine is kaput. Downer.

Jane Pratt first demonstrated her awesomness with the even more amazing (yet unfortunately titled) Sassy magazine. It was like an editorial version of Angela Chase but, well, dare I say, sassier (coincidentally the only remnants of my former Sassy collection is a cover with Claire Danes. Aw.) Sassy folded and Ms. Pratt launched her namesake mag in 1997, the same impressionable year that I entered high school. I didn't think much of the first issue but after about a year I became sucked in. The fucked-up-chic layout and snarky disposition genuinely made me look forward to my 20s. Yes, I'm serious.

Jane always seemed to position itself as the anti Cosmo, with Jane herself even once proudly proclaiming to Ms. Magazine that her future venture would be an "ethnically, culturally and sexually -- as in orientation -- diverse ... bridge between the old Sassy (radical, chic, funny) and Ms. (intelligent, feminist)." Weeeeelll, not so much. From the very beginning, Jane quite consistently fell short of it's ideals. Was it Ms. or Sassy? Hells no. But it still maintained a certain level of cool that made it a refreshing alternative to most other ladies mags.

There was a dark dark (DARK!) era that I will not fail to mention. It was an strange period where suddenly Pamela Anderson had a monthly column, and if I'm not mistaken, ended up on the cover twice in one year. There were many additional grievances, too many to mention. Suddenly the mag had forgotten whatever roots it did have. This is also around the time that I interned for Jane's editorial office...for a week...and then quit. After Jane Pratt herself peaced out on her own creation, the format got really schizo. I nearly canceled my subscription on several occasions...but was too lazy to pick up the phone and do so.

The recent nabbing of Kusum Lynn as fashion director (from Nylon, another one of my former free labor gigs) helped Jane move in a more promising direction. It sort of became Nylon + Jane in a blender (with a dash of Bust) and actually worked out beautifully. If you could ignore lame cover girls like Avril Lavigne and a selection of awkward article missteps it was still a really good read. But alas, Conde Nast/Fairchild Publications only saw the loss of $$$$ so there wasn't much else to do. I understand that it's run it's course but at the end of the day, I still hate to see a decent mag die.

So on that note, I bid Jane a fine and somewhat respectful farewell. In the future I look forward to reading More Magazine, taking up wine tasting, and dedicating myself to cougarism. Good night.

Official news:
[Reuters] Conde nast cosing down Jane magazine
[Gawker] Rumor: 'Jane' Magazine Folds

Sassy, sassy reactions:
[NY Mag Online] ‘Sassy’ Girls on ‘Jane’ Closure: People Don't Care About Mags Anymore
[Feministing] Jane is dead
[Confessions of a Casting Director] Jane Magazine RIP
[Mag.nificent] THIS JUST IN: Jane Magazine Folds
[Missbehave] Holy Crap

I feel you, I do:
[Salon.com] Jane's Affliction
[Bitch Magazine Online] 10 Things to Hate About Jane


Things I've learned....

since slacking off from my blog for over a month (in no particular order):
  • I want to marry all of my favorite blogs and have their babies. Several of them are edging their way into my heart next to magazines at a rapid rate. This civil union will be performed in Massachusetts by Reverend Google Reader.
  • The best magazine to judge the (pointlessly fabricated) battle of NY vs. London, is the one that's dedicated to New York itself. Respectively.
  • Jane has not only ended my subscription without the courtesy of one of those "last chance, re-subscribe for one penny a month and get a free tote bag" notices, they're also showing their affection by competing for the title of Titty Mag of the Month (nsfw). Good luck to them!
  • W is totally open to putting fabulous people over size 1 on the cover....provided that the person only gets a 3 page spread....and all of the photos are from the chest up....baby steps, people.
  • The Gossip's Beth Ditto shows W how it's done (nsfw...maybe).
  • If you were slighted by Chloe Sevigny in high school (perhaps she stole your boyfriend or your Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper), then there's a good chance that Bust will give you an opportunity write a feature article on her. And the best part is that it won't be awkward at all.
  • Everyone needs a classy magazine rack.
  • Iway inkthay Iway eednay away ewnay oggingblay ervicesay (Blogger can't read Pig Latin, shhhhhhh).


I hate Kate Moss

but I love this shoot (by Ryan McGinley) for the upcoming June issue of W:

More Mag Hag updates coming soon...possibly... And I still don't like Kate Moss. So there.

More Pics...
[No Good For Me] In the Blink of An Eye: Ryan McGinley and Kate Moss for W



Magazine Incest Forever

CEC was right, Charlotte Gainsbourg has officially been on the cover of just about everything this year. Next month, Buns & Ammo and Good Housekeeping.

[FADER] Issue 41 - Totally Projecting
[Bust] Official Site
[Paper] The Reluctant Muse
[Planet] Official Site
[You Tube] Lemon Incest - Serge Gainsbourg
[You Tube] Charlotte Forever


NYU / Writing for Magazines / X32.9527 / Non–Credit / $580 / SUMMER 2007

Writers, I know that it's difficult to squeeze out several pages worth of interesting info from celebs but from now on, you are no longer allowed to begin your article describing how the subject enters your world unless he/she Evil Kenivel's a vespa scooter through the window behind which you stand. I've been reading magazines for a long time and consequently reading the same interview intros for just as long.

We generally don't know need to know that Mischa Barton is late meeting you, or how Owen Wilson walks into the lobby of a Motel 6 in Duluth, Minnesota, or that Rene Zellweger is wearing lime green gouchos and appears frailer in person. Seriously people, stop.


Why is this issue even printed on paper?

After the private jet landed safely, did they drive you to the shoot in one of these babies, Leo?

And don't forget to return baby bear Knut back to central casting, he's SAG now.

[Vanity Fair] The Green Issue