As a lady, once you leave adolescence the magazine world begins to neglect you when it comes to supplying appropriate man eye candy. So before I shine V Man's balls any further (and I will because their new issue is intense) I have to give some spotlight to a new mag that carries on the Tiger Beat torch.

JAM is the kind of operation that my friends and I always talked about putting together but never did out of sheer laziness. Just nice hot guys that you'd see on the street or at a concert. Using a Q&A format and ogle worthy photo spreads, they feature gentlemen of the indie/hipster persuasion without moving into that skeezy territory that Sweet Action liked to dabble in (side note: I mean no disrespect to Sweet Action, I appreciate what they're doing but some of those dudes look like straight up goat molesters, for real). Imagine if JTT grew up, ditched the bowl haircut, got all artsy and developed the appropriate amount of smolder. That's the JAM man...but maybe a little cuter actually. That was so wrong. Sorry, adult JTT.

Anyway, as a bonus they've got a some center fold action, a comic strip and their fabulous "Girly Crush" spotlight (this issue taps DJ extraordinaire Justine D). In a market drenched with women's mags who'd rather profile Jessica Simpson on a mechanical bull than an actual hot guy, JAM is a total breath of fresh air. To order a copy and check out some bonus dudes visit their site: www.myfuckingjam.com

[JAM] Official Myspace page


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