That white background and disposable camera snapshot shadow only means one thing kids...

It's Terry time! With Barack Obama (yes, please)!

Barack on Vibe, changing the world in ladies pants everywhere. Courtesy of the Crunk & Disorderly

Two things:
1. I have a love/hate relationship with Terry Richardson. On one hand it's so refreshing to see his raw look among a sea of Annie Lebowitz portraits but on the other hand, i really don't need to see photos of random chicks blowing him. But, y'know, that's just me. That's my journey.

2. The combo of Vibe, Terry and Barack is a like a little care package to remind other candidates of how cool they aren't. John Edwards is doing his best Bubba impression on the latest issue of Esquire and while I like him overall, it's really not quite as effective. Maybe he should recruit Terry for a GQ cover involving Jessica Alba, American Apparel rompers and a pot of jam. For good measure.

[Vibe] Official Site
[Esquire] Official Site
[Terry Richardson] Official Site (I'm gonna go ahead and guess that half of the site is nsfw)


matt williams said...

I am so hating Vibe latley. I think I have one issue(this one) left in my subscription. I just don't like the direction that it has taken.

Anonymous said...

chic noir and mag hag -- what has happened to vibe? did anyone see that ridiculous piece on dizzee rascal. it mistakes grime as a mixture of american rap and other genres. grime is British dammit!

this cover looks good cos of barack and his cool kenyan self. i may pick it up.

CEC said...

Jammy Jay... update your fucking blog!

Also: what exactly IS "juice"? And is it worth of an entire issue?

Aulelia: actually, I think what Vibe meant was that grime is mainly influened by American rap, as well as loads of other genres (electro, two-step, house, etc). Dizzee himself is the first to point out that all he ever did was rip off Jay Z and put some crazy accent on it.

Mrs Fashion said...

Wow - just discovered your blog.
It's fantastic! All about magazines! At the risk of being totally naff do you want to swap links?
Mrs F x

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Little Evie said...

Oh damn this post makes me wish I'd found your blog earlier... and, er, convinced you to keep it, I guess.