Dear Bust Magazine,

Ok, I haven't received your latest issue in the mail and I'm concerned. You're pretty much my favorite magazine, like ever. Charlotte Gainsbourg is on the cover and I think there's an Amy Winehouse interview in there so this would be a bad time to stop sending me issues, ladies. Omg, it's true, plus Jennifer Saunders and Iggy Pop!

I didn't get a warning thingy in the mail, asking me to re-subscribe. What did I do wrong? Bust, don't do this. Baby, I'm sorry. I was just looking at Missbehave, it didn't mean anything. I didn't even subscribe (errr yet). C'mon, think of all the great times we've had together: the Amy Poehler interview last year, all the 'Guys We Love' issues, Betty Dodson's use of the phrase "butty hole." You have my credit card on file, charge that sucker, I don't care. Lifetime subscription, the works! Just come back :(

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Anonymous said...

Bust has been in a steady decline since they put Kelly Osbourn on the cover. I don't even bother reading it on the newsstand anymore.

Anonymous said...

subscribe to missbehave. bust is retarded