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CEC was right, Charlotte Gainsbourg has officially been on the cover of just about everything this year. Next month, Buns & Ammo and Good Housekeeping.

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Writers, I know that it's difficult to squeeze out several pages worth of interesting info from celebs but from now on, you are no longer allowed to begin your article describing how the subject enters your world unless he/she Evil Kenivel's a vespa scooter through the window behind which you stand. I've been reading magazines for a long time and consequently reading the same interview intros for just as long.

We generally don't know need to know that Mischa Barton is late meeting you, or how Owen Wilson walks into the lobby of a Motel 6 in Duluth, Minnesota, or that Rene Zellweger is wearing lime green gouchos and appears frailer in person. Seriously people, stop.


Why is this issue even printed on paper?

After the private jet landed safely, did they drive you to the shoot in one of these babies, Leo?

And don't forget to return baby bear Knut back to central casting, he's SAG now.

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Dear Bust Magazine,

Ok, I haven't received your latest issue in the mail and I'm concerned. You're pretty much my favorite magazine, like ever. Charlotte Gainsbourg is on the cover and I think there's an Amy Winehouse interview in there so this would be a bad time to stop sending me issues, ladies. Omg, it's true, plus Jennifer Saunders and Iggy Pop!

I didn't get a warning thingy in the mail, asking me to re-subscribe. What did I do wrong? Bust, don't do this. Baby, I'm sorry. I was just looking at Missbehave, it didn't mean anything. I didn't even subscribe (errr yet). C'mon, think of all the great times we've had together: the Amy Poehler interview last year, all the 'Guys We Love' issues, Betty Dodson's use of the phrase "butty hole." You have my credit card on file, charge that sucker, I don't care. Lifetime subscription, the works! Just come back :(

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Enough about titties...

::sigh:: I've never been big on Orlando Bloom but these guys sure know how to make a bitch smolder to the point where I might change my mind. I totally didn't do a "Titty Mag of the Month" for March (oh whoops) and I'll probably "forget" for April so lets just try this instead.

I heart V Man. Their spreads are consistently beautiful and polished (refer to the Mag Hag banner this month) but the thing that really makes this quarterly a must purchase is the fact that it's pretty much a glorified celebration of man-pretty. I'm especially amazed by how they're still taking the Details route by pretending that they're a magazine for straight men when that's obviously not the case. My favorite piece in the Spring/Summer issue is the step-by-step profile of male ├╝ber model Tyson Ballou's workout routine.

Yeah, its a really great "read." He almost achieves Blue Steel when he's doing push-ups. I must also point out that I'm fond of the combination of matte and glossy paper on the cover. All the way class.

So V Man, I salute you with an honorary "Titty Mag of the Month" title. You've earned it....by bribing me with hot guys. But whatever, that's totally cool.

It's a Man-Pretty Party!!!
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