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"Some things worth noting about Tim Mosely [Timbaland]: The one song that always cheers him up is "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None the Richer."
- GQ Magazine, March 2007

Stop right there. Don't even read the rest of the article. That is the single most important piece of information you'll ever need to know. The next time you're at a club, freak dancing to "Promiscous Girl" stop for a moment and visualize Timbaland and Nelly Furtado waltzing to the soundtrack jam from "She's All That." Yeah, you're welcome.

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Oh, that's what happened to V Man...

March 20th, yes!

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Indie actresses do interpretive dance to Morrissey in their East Village gardens apartments...Celebrities are just like us!

I totally forgot to get the Chloe Sevigny House & Garden issue! It was just such a random combo that I had to have it. On a related note, I also never secured a copy of the V Man issue with Ryan Gosling on the cover. And what the hell happened to V Man anyway? I will investigate this further.

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So I have to actually update this blog?

Like regularly? Ohhhhhh, that's the whole point, you say? Right. I see. Ok, well then. I feel silly ::coquettish laughter::