Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue 07: and so it begins

Tomorrow, I intend to obtain my very own copy of the new Vanity Fair Hollywood issue. I almost bought it on Friday but all of the copies at the newsstand on the way home were, to be honest, unacceptable. Busted, even. I don't do scratches and creases. Just, no. Until then, have a looksie at some behind the scenes shots by Kathryn MacLeod. And if you really want to ruin it for yourself, Faded Youth has pretty much scanned all of the important stuff. My predictions were right: 98% Lebowitz. To Be continued…

Pictures, yay:
[Vanity Fair] The 2007 Hollywood Portfolio: Behind the Scenes


CEC said...

But is there a pic of Eric Bana in a skimpy smiwsuit atop a pink inflatable chair? Because seriously, there should be.

Anonymous said...

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