NEW FAVORITE: Missbehave

Launched last year, it's sort of like if Complex and Bust magazine had a baby while they were in high school but recklessly left it on Mass Appeal's doorstep to raise. The most recent issue has Lily Allen on the cover, who's whole image pretty much sums up the mag itself: limited edition kicks, cute dresses, doorknocker earrings and a penchant for shuttin' a bitch down if needed. They're really after my own heart. To top off the slick fashion features and fittingly "urban chic" (I really don't know what that means, I just made it up) art direction, their writing style is refreshingly blunt and hilarious. Enjoy this little snippet from the article "DILF Hunter: Clive Owen" by Mary H.K. Choi:

Some little conniving bitch gets to be Clive Owen's daughter's friend. Stupid Cow. God, she probably makes tons of totally transparent excuses to pull a pop-in, sliding ever so close to Clive, all scantly clad and nubile. I hate her, yet admire her gangsta. Without the geographic inconvenience, the wife and that goddamn restraining order. I would indisputably do the same. Stupid extradition.

Wasn't that delightful? Between calling Clive Owen's daughter's hypothetical friend a "stupid cow" and the phrase "I hate her, yet admire her gangsta" I'm about ready to apply for another internship. Ok, that's a lie. But if this were two years ago during my heady unpaid labor days, I'd be all over it.

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DJ_NoBallz said...

This is pretty awesome. Where can I get my hot little hands on a copy?

P.S. JAM is being printed as I type this!

Mag Hag said...

Any bigger magazine store or Barnes & Noble should have it. The last issue sold out pretty fast so I think they printed more copies this time around.

Yay for Jam! I'll be sure to give a shout out :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mag Hag!
Glad you like the magazine.
Isn't lily cute? Have you seen the Bijou issue yet?

Lemme know if you need a better resolution header banner. I can hook ya up.
- Moth