I haven't read VIBE since like '01...

so check out Four Four's dead-on review of VIBE's 150th issue special. Rich keeps it real. Really real.

Bring back Emil or continue to suffer, VIBE

Rich Knows Best:
[Four Four] Bad VIBE


Titty Mag of the Month: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

This begins another tradition here at Mag Hag (cus "we're" a real office here, with interns and a water cooler). Now technically, SI gets this coveted title by default since their Swimsuit issue only comes out once a year but I feel like this one is a special case. Blogs and message boards have been blowing up on this issue because of the surprise cover girl, Ms. Beyonce Knowles:

People seem to be in a tizzy about this because:
A. The cover is usually set aside for “professional models” (cus you have to earn that spot, with a Masters and everything.)
B. They’re Beyonce haters
C. They’re ‘women over 90 pounds’ haters

But you know what? No matter how much I try, I can't resist Beyonce... I kind of wish that she could exist in a bubble where she kicks out a nice jam once in a while but mostly gets photographed opening bottles of champagne with Jay-Z in St. Tropez. So this cover has worked out really well for me.

Secondly, I'm also a big fan of the mid/late-90s SI models, especially Laeticia Casta (pre-dissaperance), Rebecca Romijn (pre-Stamos), and of course, Tyra Banks (pre-bat shit craziness). They were each uniquely beautiful, funny and they had the tendency to eat food. It was a winning combination. Though I don’t imagine that Beyonce is Sarah Silverman in the humor department, I welcome her cover after a few years of vacant ladies. Take a look back at the glory days, people:

Side note: does it makes sense that Sports Illustrated has a swimsuit issue with no athletes AND went for a "music theme" within that said issue. Probably not but I'll go along with it for now.

So, with all this said, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2007, “we” salute you. Maybe one day I’ll have one of my interns widdle you a statue to mark this fine occasion.

More photos and info after the jump (i hate that expression)....

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Who says that I don't read books?

First of all have you ever read a Vanity Fair article? Its like a novela. Also, books about magazines are still books. Therefore I do read something other than magazines. Um, so there. And on that note:

Last Magazine
by David Renard


How Sassy Changed My Life
by Kara Jesella and Marisa Meltzer


Best of Smash Hits
by Mark Frith

I'll leave this to CEC:
» smash hits was, unwaveringly, the greatest pop magazine of all time
» and it all went shit in the late 90s
» but neil tennent from the pet shop boys was the editor in the early to mid 80s
» like pre-PSB
» so hot


Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue 07: still empty-handed

I've been to 3 newsstands, a magazine store, and one nutso discount magazine dude on the street. Somehow a scratchless/non-creased copy continues to allude me. Boooo.


GQ: 50 Years

2007 marks the 50th anniversary of Gentleman's Quarterly and I've been immediately reminded why I only started reading it about 5 years ago...

You've come a long way gentlemen, congratulations. For more gems like these, check out GQ online's monthly poll leading up to June’s (predictably massive and Mag Hag coveted) anniversary issue. This month's theme is "Debut Appearances." You can vote for your favorite or at least the one that makes you wince in embarrassment the least (cough cough Clooney cough cough). In exchange for your vote you'll be up for the chance to win a European ski vacation in "the Alps." I wonder if this is an all-inclusive package that involves a bottle of mulled wine, a fireplace and the Cosby sweater of your choice. Fingers crossed.

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Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue 07: and so it begins

Tomorrow, I intend to obtain my very own copy of the new Vanity Fair Hollywood issue. I almost bought it on Friday but all of the copies at the newsstand on the way home were, to be honest, unacceptable. Busted, even. I don't do scratches and creases. Just, no. Until then, have a looksie at some behind the scenes shots by Kathryn MacLeod. And if you really want to ruin it for yourself, Faded Youth has pretty much scanned all of the important stuff. My predictions were right: 98% Lebowitz. To Be continued…

Pictures, yay:
[Vanity Fair] The 2007 Hollywood Portfolio: Behind the Scenes

NEW FAVORITE: Missbehave

Launched last year, it's sort of like if Complex and Bust magazine had a baby while they were in high school but recklessly left it on Mass Appeal's doorstep to raise. The most recent issue has Lily Allen on the cover, who's whole image pretty much sums up the mag itself: limited edition kicks, cute dresses, doorknocker earrings and a penchant for shuttin' a bitch down if needed. They're really after my own heart. To top off the slick fashion features and fittingly "urban chic" (I really don't know what that means, I just made it up) art direction, their writing style is refreshingly blunt and hilarious. Enjoy this little snippet from the article "DILF Hunter: Clive Owen" by Mary H.K. Choi:

Some little conniving bitch gets to be Clive Owen's daughter's friend. Stupid Cow. God, she probably makes tons of totally transparent excuses to pull a pop-in, sliding ever so close to Clive, all scantly clad and nubile. I hate her, yet admire her gangsta. Without the geographic inconvenience, the wife and that goddamn restraining order. I would indisputably do the same. Stupid extradition.

Wasn't that delightful? Between calling Clive Owen's daughter's hypothetical friend a "stupid cow" and the phrase "I hate her, yet admire her gangsta" I'm about ready to apply for another internship. Ok, that's a lie. But if this were two years ago during my heady unpaid labor days, I'd be all over it.

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